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3/8/2013 02:33:04 am

I LOVE the look and feel of my black Mi Granny seh Tee! The fit is great, flattering and "One one coco, full basket" always sparks curiosity!

3/9/2013 04:33:38 am

I agree the tee shirts fit really well. I also like the "story" that goes along with the sayings. Its a nice piece of historical culture

3/9/2013 12:20:49 pm

Savvie Classic Clothing is a combination of Style, Class and Culture.

3/9/2013 12:54:35 pm

The fitted tees are breathable, comfortable & flattering for any confident body type. One of a kind and hold up well. I've washed mine at least two dozen times and it still looks new.

3/16/2013 02:08:06 am

So pleased that these fitted tees are working out for you. Have you noted that I now have new spring colors and additional "sayings"
I have also placed Mi Granny Seh on Cafe press and you can get additional designs by logging onto www.cafepress/savvieclassics. Take a look and thanks for your support

Lona McD
3/21/2013 06:27:12 am

Love the website honey child. Shawnya will be ordering a few things shortly. Congratulations and good luck!

7/12/2013 03:47:41 am

I loved the two stunning accessories purchased from your collection (Lilac Swirl & Circles of Silver). They were all the rage until two of my besties 'took them off' of me! Time to go shopping again at Savvie Classics.

Sandra S
8/17/2013 01:23:56 am

I love my T-Shirt and it fits well. I also love the dresses and skirts the models are wearing. I've had the opportunity to see more of the collection and they are all beautiful, stylish and classy.

12/24/2018 01:38:17 am

Nice Blog


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