As I continue on this new adventure in my life I find myself reflecting on many things, not only on this current journey, but on past experiences that have shaped my life.

"Mi Granny seh" has been an outgrowth of my desire to develop a line of classically designed clothing. One thing my granny always told me that we all have many talents and that our lives are the sum total of what we have done.

These reflections both inspire me to develop a business that will not only be fun but will be benefical to others. I started this process by commiting to provide $1.00 from every purchase for NO MORE MALARIA charity which provides mosquito nets to families in Africa. I will tell you more about this in future posts as its very dear to my heart. Looking forward to sharing another part of my journey soon! See you next time!
12/18/2013 10:14:15 pm

Truly loving the new site enjoying the new fashions! Where can I purchase gift certificates? Great gift items, but I'd rather not make the choice. Let me know. Peace and blessings.


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